Recent Before & After Photos

SERVPRO Tools Extract Water Damage from a Nashua Home

The Before Photo of this Nashua residence shows how pervasive water damage can be underneath surfaces. Several feet of sheetrock, subfloor, and carpet needed ca... READ MORE

Drying Residential Storm Damage to Walls and Floors in Nashua

This Before Photo of a Nashua residence is an example of how SERVPRO addresses storm damage. Air movers and dehumidifiers, along with careful demolition and mov... READ MORE

Marlborough Church Needs Commercial Water Damage Cleanup

It is not readily apparent in the Before Photo of this Marlborough church that there is an issue with the ceiling. The panels and crown molding show no visible ... READ MORE

Nashua Eatery Has Water Damage from Heavy Rains

SERVPRO technicians arrived to find standing water on the tile floor in this Nashua restaurant as seen in the Before Photo. Tile flooring can present slip and f... READ MORE

Nashua Water Loss in a Kitchen

The water migrated from the washing machine leak in the adjacent room and flooded the laminated flooring and base cabinets in this Nashua area kitchen. Our SERV... READ MORE

Rainwater Flooding in an Advanced Auto Shop

When heavy rains flowed through the asphalt parking lot of an Advanced Auto Shop store and breached the entrance, flooding occurred. The Before Photo illustrate... READ MORE

Water Damage Restoration In Nashua

A homeowner in Nashua called us about a water damage disaster. Their basement was affected due to groundwater. In the basement, two rooms were damaged. Our expe... READ MORE

Biohazard Cleanup in Nashua

Our technicians responded to a sewage damage emergency at a home in Nashua. There was a sewage backup in the upstairs bathroom. Sewage backups can introduce har... READ MORE

Water Leak Leads to Restoration in Nashua

The running water from the stuck valve in the toilet flowed for several hours and flooded the first-floor story with a large volume of water. The water followed... READ MORE

Water Damage Disaster In Nashua

A homeowner in Nashua contacted us regarding significant water damage to their basement. The customer had a sewage incident from the bathroom upstairs, which ma... READ MORE