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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Nashua Finished Basement and a Water Problem

The water leak saturated the carpet and padding in this Nashua basement. It went unnoticed for several days resulting in the ruined condition of the flooring ma... READ MORE

Water Loss in Nashua

The Before Photo does not illustrate the degree of water damage to this Nashua home. The Jacuzzi tub in the second-floor bathroom overflowed and saturated the f... READ MORE

Water Damage in Hudson, NH

The ceiling in this Hudson home is stained and sagging with an abundance of water. The leak from the supply line to the second story bathroom gushed many gallon... READ MORE

Fire Damage Cleanup in a Nashua Basement

The house fire sent a lot of smoke down to the basement of this Nashua home. The acrid residue and odors are not only not pleasant but can etch and stain the pe... READ MORE

General Cleaning in a Nashua Rental

The soap scum and beginnings of mold growth are quite visible in the Before Photo of this Nashua rental home bathtub. Our client hired SERVPRO of Nashua to rest... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Nashua, NH

What began as a water loss, soon turned into a mold remediation project. The Before Photo is two side-by-side shots of the kitchen where remediation was necessa... READ MORE

Sink Leak in Nashua, NH

A leaking sink was the cause of this extensive ceiling damage in the living room of this house in Nashua, NH. You can see the extent of the damage, as the soake... READ MORE

Broken Pipe in Nashua, NH

This flooded office in Nashua, NH was the result of a broken pipe. the extent of the water damage is very noticeable throughout the office. The after picture wa... READ MORE

Biohazard in Nashua, NH

In this Nashua home there was a biohazard that occurred, and SERVPRO of Nashua responded so quickly! The picture shows that the entire carpet in this here hallw... READ MORE

Water Damage in Nashua, NH

Water damage had affected this toy store in Nashua NH. The extent of the damage is not noticeable, but once SERVPRO of Nashua went out to the business they used... READ MORE

Mold on Basement Ceiling in Nashua, NH

The mold that was found on the inside of the ceiling at a Nashua, NH residence was the cause of an old water loss that occurred at the residence. The customers ... READ MORE

Mold in Bedroom in Nashua, NH

Mold was discovered on this wall inside of a residence located in Nashua, NH. The customers had recently purchased the home, and there was mold already visible ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Nashua, NH

At first SERVPRO of Nashua came to this residence for mold remediation, then it wen't into a water damage. The customer had just bought the home so when SERVPRO... READ MORE

Nashua Storm Causes Flooding

The rising water from the Nashua River entered this house and left a messy mixture of water, mud, and sewage. This biohazard condition was dealt with by our SER... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Nashua Home

Fire damage at this Nashua home began when a light fixture in the kitchen ceiling shorted and began a fire. Fires such as this are especially stressful on famil... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Nashua Hotel

Commercial water damage developed when the automatic sprinkler system inadvertently activated saturating the carpeting on this floor of the hotel in Nashua. Sta... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Nashua Roof and Attic

When a wind storm with driving rains enters through a break in the roof the before photo illustrates the damage that can be caused by the intruding water. Techn... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Room in Nashua

The refrigerators and freezers in this multi-residential building in Nashua drew too much current resulting in an electrical fire in the wall. The flames spread... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Nashua Home

Fire damage at this Nashua home delivered complete destruction of the property. SERVPRO of Nashua was contracted to provide comprehensive fire and water damage ... READ MORE

Office Full of Water in Nashua

This is clean water standing on the commercial carpeting of this office in Nashua. That simplifies the cleanup to water extraction and drying, with not a large... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Nashua Home

Storm Damage at this Nashua home resulted from a window being broken by flying debris during a terrible thunderstorm. The before photo shows how soaked the bedr... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Nashua Condominium

Mold damage at this Nashua condominium was related to a leaky and worn out water heater. Before replacement of the water heater the mold damage needed to be cle... READ MORE

Wind Storm Damage in a Nashua Kitchen

The straight line winds ripped a limb off a large tree and crashed in through the roof into the kitchen of this Nashua home. Fortunately, no one was cooking or ... READ MORE

Broken Pipe, Standing Water and Help for a Nashua Business

The pooling water on the floor of this fitness center in Nashua could have caused more damage than it did. A quick call to SERVPRO of Nashua can be the solution... READ MORE

Nashua Mold Resulting from Water Leaking

The visible mold patches on the walls and carpeting of this Nashua utility closet needed immediate attention. Allowing mold spores to circulate to other areas o... READ MORE

Mold in a Closet

This closet was affected by microbial growth due to moisture inside of the wall because of a pipe leak. Unfortunately, the homeowner did not know about the pipe... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Nashua

Due to having a candle lit inside of a vehicle in their garage, the car caught up in flames! Luckily, no one was hurt and they knew right way to catch it just i... READ MORE

Water Damage inside a Commercial Building

That's right SERVPRO of Nashua goes as far as taking care of a water loss inside of commercial buildings. What had happened was, an employee forgot to shut one ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Nashua Offices

Commercial water damage at this Nashua office building left pooling water standing on the commercial grade carpeting. Chairs, desks, and file cabinets were expo... READ MORE

Water Damage/Microbial Growth in a Chiropractor's Office

Having water damage occur inside of your place of business or inside of your home is never a good thing, clearly no one wants to experience that type of situati... READ MORE

Storm Damage In Nashua

Storm and flood damage can wreck havoc to your property that is why you need help from a professional restoration company like SERVPRO. Since we are available 2... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Nashua Church

Commercial water damage at this Nashua Church was due to the main water line rupturing. The entire Church was flooded on a Monday and the entire staff at the Ch... READ MORE

House Fire in Nashua

The messy effects of this house fire in Nashua are shown in the fallen insulation, debris, and smoke in the first photo. The wet materials were discarded to pre... READ MORE

Nashua Storm Damage and Flooding

Rushing groundwater from a storm can easily disrupt the construction of a new house in Nashua. The standing water slowly soaks into the concrete pad and the wal... READ MORE

Water Damage Drying Stage in Nashua

Our SERVPRO crew responds quickly and efficiently to damaging water events in Nashua. The Before Photo depicts the living room of our customer's home during the... READ MORE

Water Damage – Nashua Home

Water damage at this Nashua home occurred when a pipe running in between the walls of the closet in the photo burst. The before photo shows standing water on th... READ MORE

Mold Damage Remediation In Nashua

Our team was contacted regarding a mold damage emergency at a property in Nashua. The homeowners discovered a mold infestation growing behind the walls next to ... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Nashua

This Nashua homeowner was disappointed to learn that water damage from the previous owner lead to mold growth. Even though the water had been cleaned up, mold ... READ MORE

Water Damage Clean Up in a Nashua Bathroom

The failed cold water coupling under the vanity in this Nashua bathroom flooded this floor and the hallway with about an inch of water. Our Green Fleet, driven ... READ MORE

Water Damage Repair In Nashua

Our team responded to a call regarding significant water damage. A pipe in the bathroom was leaking causing water to spread throughout the home. Our team needed... READ MORE

Water Damage In Nashua

We were contacted about a water damage disaster at a home in Nashua. A pipe leaked in the basement causing significant damage to the ceiling and floors. When ou... READ MORE

Nashua Toilet Overflow Catastrophe

Sometimes a toilet overflow with dirty water is more than a homeowner can personally handle. That's when you know it's time to bring in the professional cleane... READ MORE

Steam Cleaning in Nashua

Basements are great! They provide extra living and storage space, and homeowners generally love them-except when they flood. When this Nashua homeowner called... READ MORE

Nashua Basement Flood Damage

When a basement gets flooded, time is of the essence. There is the possibility of secondary damage which can include a mold infestation. Luckily, team SERVPRO ... READ MORE

Water Leak in Basement

What did this homeowner do when they realized they had standing water in their basement? The called SERVPRO. A hot water leak caused the issue and because the ... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Nashua Home

Fire damage to this Nashua home left the kitchen in a pile of debris. The fire left insulation, drywall, and content from the attic all over the kitchen floor d... READ MORE

Nashua Basement Flooding

Our SERVPRO team arrived shortly after the call concerning the storm damage to a Nashua basement. The flooding covered the concrete basement pad with contaminat... READ MORE

Water Damage In Nashua

Our specialists were contacted by a homeowner in Nashua regarding significant water damage. A pipe broke in the ceiling damaging the hardwood floor in the famil... READ MORE

Water Damage – Nashua Home

Water damage at this Nashua home was due to a failed water pipe. The mechanical room flooded and overflowed into the finished portion of the basement. Water wic... READ MORE


Archived Before & After Photos