Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Drying Residential Storm Damage to Walls and Floors in Nashua

This Before Photo of a Nashua residence is an example of how SERVPRO addresses storm damage. Air movers and dehumidifiers, along with careful demolition and mov... READ MORE

Nashua Eatery Has Water Damage from Heavy Rains

SERVPRO technicians arrived to find standing water on the tile floor in this Nashua restaurant as seen in the Before Photo. Tile flooring can present slip and f... READ MORE

Nashua Storm Damage and Flooding

Rushing groundwater from a storm can easily disrupt the construction of a new house in Nashua. The standing water slowly soaks into the concrete pad and the wal... READ MORE

Storm Damage In Nashua

Storm and flood damage can wreck havoc to your property that is why you need help from a professional restoration company like SERVPRO. Since we are available 2... READ MORE

Wind Storm Damage in a Nashua Kitchen

The straight line winds ripped a limb off a large tree and crashed in through the roof into the kitchen of this Nashua home. Fortunately, no one was cooking or ... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Nashua Home

Storm Damage at this Nashua home resulted from a window being broken by flying debris during a terrible thunderstorm. The before photo shows how soaked the bedr... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Nashua Roof and Attic

When a wind storm with driving rains enters through a break in the roof the before photo illustrates the damage that can be caused by the intruding water. Techn... READ MORE

Nashua Storm Causes Flooding

The rising water from the Nashua River entered this house and left a messy mixture of water, mud, and sewage. This biohazard condition was dealt with by our SER... READ MORE